Quality, Environment and Safety

Socitrel adopts an integrated management system (IMS for Quality, Environment and Safety) as an instrument for improvement of NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Standards, specifications, contractual determinations, in addition to legal requirements and other requirements.


In this sense, the Board of Directors of SOCITREL is committed to continuously implement, maintain and improve its IMS, with special emphasis on the following aspects:

Quality of its products


Assuming that the quality of its products is one of the best guarantees of customer satisfaction, SOCITREL, through the IMS, is committed to:

  • Ensure the reliability of its products, manufacturing processes and working methods;
  • Ensure the organisation of inspections, including follow-up defects corrections and nonconformities of its products.

Respect for the Environment


Being aware of the environmental impact of its activities, SOCITREL focuses its efforts in consolidating the awareness of its employees and contributing to a positive approach to environmental problems in the place where it operates, in accordance with the following principles:

  • Assessment of the environmental implications associated with its activity with the aim of minimising environmental impacts;
  • Adoption of pollution preventive measures, namely those related to minimising the production of waste and gaseous effluents, as well as increasing energy efficiency.

Respect for occupational health and safety


The safety of all those working with and for SOCITREL is a constant concern, hence, we promote and encourage a prevention and safety system based on the following principles:

  • Continuous identification of hazards and risk assessment to define and maintain appropriate controls;
  • Adoption of measures that minimise the occurrence of injuries and protect the health of its employees, customers and suppliers; especially those associated with mechanical, chemical and occupational noise hazards.

Satisfaction of its customers


Based on the abovementioned principles, SOCITREL has earned the trust of its customers and has successfully overcome the successive challenges that it has come across.


It is also based on these principles that SOCITREL will continue to act in order to remain a dynamic company capable of adapting to new circumstances in a timely manner, in order to continue meeting the needs of its customers in several ways:

  • Product information;
  • Related administrative aspects;
  • Listening to customer and third party feedback, including complaints.


These aspects are subject to regular evaluations by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, together with the monitoring of the integrated system being implemented.


Thus, the driving motto of SOCITREL is:

“Being able to provide quality products in an efficient and dynamic manner, safely and in strict respect for the environment, in order to satisfy its customers in a conscious and permanent way.”

The success of this policy depends on the commitment of all those who collaborate with SOCITREL, with special relevance to information, training and awareness raising.