Who we are


Founded in 1971, it is dedicated to the manufacture and trading of steel wire for application in the most diverse fields of activity: industry, agriculture and construction.

SOCITREL, a benchmark company in its activity sector, is the only company that produces zinc-plated wire in Portugal, being one of the most modern in Europe.


The history of SOCITREL began with the production of mild steel wire and later evolved to more sophisticated products with a high carbon content, amongst which prestressed steel wire.


Since its inception, SOCITREL’s main concern was to manufacture quality products using leading technologies to achieve this plan at the best possible cost.


The need to align SOCITREL’s performance with its objectives as well as the needs of its customers, led to the development of an Integrated Management System, which, among other things, works as an instrument to ensure compliance with quality, environment and safety certification standards, as well as specifications and contractual and/or legal requirements.


SOCITREL aims to continually modernise itself in the search for new products and new markets, using/developing new technologies for a better performance, so that it can reach a level of excellence in terms of operational, financial and environmental performance and, thus, contribute to the improvement of society.


In July 2023, SOCITREL obtained the status of INNOVATOR COTEC.

This initiative joins COTEC Portugal and its Banking Sector partners, favoring the notoriety and valuing distinguished companies in the market that demonstrate that it is possible to combine adequate financial strength, technological investment and the conviction that Innovation is essential to increase competitive potential and economic results.

News Article in Valor Económico – February 2022